File Manager Plus
The Premium iOS File Manager App for Your iPhone and iPad

All Your Files In One Place

Store, view and manage your files here. Integrated viewers for documents, images, music, videos and more

Access Cloud Just as Easily

Access and manage different cloud storage all in one place. Even allows multiple accounts of the same type

Forget about Formats and Conversion

Plays almost all formats. Supports standalone subtitle files

Enjoy Your Music

Features a stylish look and different loop modes. Allows background playback


View PDF, MS Office, iWork documents, etc

View PDF documents

View Word documents

View Excel documents

View still and animated images; supports slideshow and shuffle

View static images

View animated images

Supports slideshow and shuffle

Video player with audio channel selection and external subtitle

Video player supporting many formats

Supports external subtitle files

Music player with background playback

Enjoy your music

Background playback

Background playback controls

Text editor

Text editor

Customizing text color, background color, font and font size

Zip and unzip with password and splits

Unarchives zip and many other formats


Supports passworded archives

Listing modes: icons, list, details and tiles

Icons view

List view

Details view

Tiles view

Other sort options

Cloud and Network Storage

Remote storage

iCloud integration

Import from iCloud

iCloud document picker

Export to iCloud

Open from Other Apps (Mail Attachments, Safari, etc)

Open from other apps

Send To Other Apps (Mail, Open In)

Send to Mail

Supports "Open In..."

Wi-Fi Drive (Web, WebDAV, FTP)

Web interface

WebDAV or FTP by Cyberduck

USB Drive through iTunes File Sharing

iTunes file sharing

File operations for multiple files

Multiselect mode

Operations for multiselect mode

Shortcut file operations for single file

Operations for single file

Slideout menu for quick function switch

Slideout menu


Search (1)

Search (2)

Security with Passcode and Touch ID


Supports Touch ID



iPad multitasking: slide over and split view

Slide over

Split View (1)

Split View (2)

Supported File Types

Supported Remote Storage

Supported File Operations

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